JP Goes To the Movies: Captain Phillips, That New Tom Hanks Movie

How many Ws will JP give this movie?

How many Ws will JP give this movie?

JP DeFranco '14, Staff Writer

A mix of action, suspense, drama, and adventure, this true story of Captain Richard Phillips is an unforgettable experience. In 2009 the US Maersk Alabama gets hijacked by Somalian Pirates. Still a huge problem today, this movie looks in depth at intense situations that go on over seas.

A simple movie, right? Pirates are going to take over the ship, hold it for ransom and in the end, the good guys will be saved. Captain Phillips brought all different actors, directors, and producers to make a film that is entertaining for all movie goers.

Tom Hanks is known for making his roles memorable and inspiring, and did not disappoint. His acting in the last couple minutes of this film makes this one of the best endings in movie history. The range of emotions that he shows throughout this entire movie just adds to his acting legacy. The complete opposite of Hanks’ acting experience is his counterpart in this movie is Barkhad Abdi, who, before Captain Phillips, has never done a feature length. His performance in this multidimensional role of the head pirate makes him worthy of his first academy award nomination.

All in all, this movie is great entertainment no matter who you are. If you are into action, this movie goes into great detail on how the Navy Seals operate and execute. If you are into suspense and drama, director Paul Greengrass (director of the Bourne Series) does a great job making you feel every bead of sweat and heart pound that these characters. If you are into adventure and a great cinematic experience, Captain Phillips is the movie for you!



The reason why I gave this movie 4 W’s is not because of the story, but because of the acting and film making. It kept you on the edge of your seat for the entire journey.