Should We Be Scared?


Last Tuesday, in Manchester City, at Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman concert, there was an explosion. The first statement the police made called it a suicide bombing, but now the police are treating it as a terrorist attack.  ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, killing 22 teenagers and injuring 59 other people.

Out of the 22 that died, the youngest was an 8 year old girl; it was her first concert, and what did she do to deserve being murdered? What did any of the other victims do? They were out enjoying a concert, having a good time. Now many fear going anywhere because they don’t know where or when the next attack could occur.

This doesn’t mean we should all be scared now, and stop going to concerts, because then ISIS wins. Terrorists win. Evil wins. We should come together. Be strong. Stick together. Help each other out, be there when anyone needs us to.

What we shouldn’t do is attack innocent people and add to the chaos. Many people judged Ariana’s actions after the concert because of her “poorly elaborated” tweet:

and for not visiting the fans that were injured. We need to forget about the need to judge as soon as something happens, and have a little sympathy for those who were actually there.

I stand by the fact that we should not let tragedies like this stop us from expressing ourselves, or attending activities where big masses of people hang out together.

So, go to those concerts this summer. Connect with people you have never met. Be free because that is the only way to fight evil.