The Mansion Part 3

The Mansion Part 3

[August 11th, 2004]

I put on my jacket, hopped in my shoes, took my cell and keys then ran out the house.  As I ran, I thought “how could this happen?”

“Sab! Sab! Where are you? Answer me!” I yelled and yelled as I ran across the neighborhood. No one answered, The road was so quiet that even a needle dropped to the ground would have seemed too loud. Then I saw the mansion in front of me.

I opened the heavy door of the mansion, having a quick peak inside of the mansion, dusts were everywhere, there was even a bad odor coming from the hall of the mansion. “Sab, are you in here?” I walked in the mansion and walked along the hall, at the end of the hall, there was a room that has lights coming out. “Sab? You are in there right?” No one answered. The wooden floor made some sound as I walked near the door.

I opened the door; there I saw them: Sabrina and the owner of the cafe, the cafe owner was tying Sabrina on the ground.

“Why are you here Sab? Hello miss, I’m sorry if Sabrina gave you a hard…?” The cafe owner laughed so hard, she bent down, after 3 minutes, she stopped and spoke with a cold tone. “A hard what? A hard time? Oh yes, your friend did gave me a hard time,” she paused and looked at me with a cold glare. “She found out my secret! I should never tell you both about the story of the mansion! Now I’ll have to kill your best friend,” she screamed, but then she said “If you didn’t came and find your friend, I won’t have to kill you.” I heard the sadness in her voice.

I have to find a way out, also bring Sab along.

Slowly, I pulled out of my phone from my pocket while the cafe owner was yelling at Sabrina, then I dial 911. Now what I have to do is to make time till the police comes.

“Hey Miss! You shouldn’t kill us.” I yelled to distract her.

“No. Your friend found out that I was the one who make Olivia Willow crazy, I was the one who hanged her to death. Now you know the truth, you have to die as well. HAHAHA!” The cafe owner had the eyes that are full of craziness. “Uh-oh,” I thought to myself, “The cafe owner really wants to kill us.” The cafe owner turned around and pulled out a knife. Then she walked near to Sabrina, she then waved the knife at Sabrina.

“Ah!” As I opened my eyes, the knife was beside Sabrina’s neck, the owner of the cafe had this spooky grin on her face and started to stab Sabrina, the weird thing is, the knife didn’t harm a single piece of Sabrina’s skin. It feels like the cafe owner is playing with her prey.

I looked out the window, although it’s not that clean, I could still see the sun rising, I guess it’s almost 6 o’clock. Just as I was thinking of how to save Sabrina from this crazy lady, I heard the sound of the police car, it was coming closer. The cafe owner stopped torturing Sabrina, she looked up, suddenly walked out of the room with a knife on her hand. When she closed the door, I ran to the side of Sabrina, she fainted. I untied the rope and tried to get her out of the room. I was about to open the door, then I heard a sound of gun shot, after that no sound is been heard.

By this time, Sabrina woke up. She looked at me and cried, I patted her to comfort her. The door swung open, the police officers came in, and we were saved.

A few days later, Sabrina and I got a phone call from our parents, they told us to go back and study there, we started to pack up. 3 days later we get in our car and started our journey back to our home town. Before we leave the town, I looked back at the town that we stopped not too long ago, smiled, then looked at Sabrina, she is back to her normal self, may be she realized my gaze, she looked up and asked ” what?” I smiled and shook my head. I stepped on the pedal and headed back to our home town.