Get More for Your Money at Chipotle


Betty Taye '14

A feast for the average high school student; Chipotle an hour before they close.

Chipotle is known for its generous portions and affordable food. A bowl and burrito at Chipotle cost the same, but you get more food in the bowl than you do in the regular burrito.

Here are some tips to stretch your money at Chipotle:

1. Smile at your server, then ask for a bowl with a tortilla on the side (it’s free) and make a burrito of your own at your table.

2. Choose whichever rice you’d like, and then ask for more with no extra cost. You can also get both pinto and black beans for free. You might also want to get fajita vegetables, they are also free.

3. Ask for two different proteins, for example, half chicken and half steak. Many places give you 3/4 scoop of each protein, essentially giving you double protein.

4. While you’ll always pay more for guacamole, order it on the side. You’ll usually get more.

5. Finally, timing is important. Go late at night, about an hour within closing time; they’ll stuff your bowl, making it hard to close.