Rihanna’s New Make-Up Line Promotes Inclusivity For All!

Rihanna has been taking the world by storm with her music and fashion; she’s known for her spectacular fashion statements and starting unique trends. Now she’s taking over as a beauty influencer. With Fenty beauty debuting earlier this month, the feedback is incredible.

Rihanna has kept her beauty line inclusive to all skin tones catering more to people of color, who are constantly left out in many aspects of the beauty world. With her forty shade range foundation and complimenting colors, no skin tone will be left behind. Rihanna has said to have at least 2 years worth of stock for Fenty beauty so if you don’t get a chance to get it now you won’t have to worry about missing out. Each product Is between the price ranges of $18-35 with these prices, she’s looking out for those girls who are trying get glam but on a budget.

Not only is Rihanna being more inclusive with shades, but with the models being used to promote her makeup line. Models like Paloma Elsesser, Halima Aden, and Duckie Thot were used to express inclusivity. Paloma Elesser has been verbal about body inclusivity and said “stay as authentic as possible” according to Allure magazine. Halima Aden was praised for wearing her hijab in the video advertisement. Many were overwhelmed with joy to see Duckie Thot in the video as well, growing up with bullying and constant racial slurs, she was still able to rise above and become an advocate “for girls that look like her” according to Yahoo!.

Hopefully, Fenty beauty will continue to fight for inclusivity and celebrate our differences.