The Sky is Falling…or at least Moving Diagonally


Photo found at The Houston Chronicle:

Are two storms of the century in one week enough for America to see?

I seem to have a once-a-year policy for climate change articles. I’m not actually trying to uphold it, but the policy of climate-related disasters does.

Hurricane Harvey has been thoroughly proven as more destructive because of climate change. Hurricane Irma delivered a similar smackdown sandwich, coming in at twice the size of Florida and leaving millions without power. In an out of character move, President Trump promises to do all he can to provide aid. The snails in Congress are getting off their collective rear ends to do the same. But how long do we have before another Harvey hits, shattering records again for destruction and magnitude? (Too late, Irma already hit Florida…)

To the people of America, a people proud of reacting to disaster instead of analyzing the future as much as any other superpower, I ask you, how many disasters before you recognize climate change to be a serious issue, and not a liberal conspiracy?

Our learning curve has been relatively good in the past centuries, all things considered. It only took one disaster for us, on a day forever remembered in infamy, to recognize the threat of fascism (Pearl Harbor). It only took one disaster for us to recognize that America is not invincible (9/11/01). So why does it take far more than one for us to accept climate change exists?