Primordial: Part 1

Crawling Chaos. Darkness oozed out of the tear, an infection to eternity. I didn’t know what it was, for the centuries it had started its attack on creation, but that means little to me, as I am lord of the Outer Chaos, and it is my duty to stop those who wish to attack this plane of existence. This realm is under attack, but what am I to do? It just seems to consume everything. No matter what I throw at it, it simply absorbs it. I must find out what it is. There should be someone who knows something about this entity, this creature. I must seek someone, but for that, I must leave this place. I created a dark cloak and closed my eyes, exiting the void to the rest of creation.

I opened my eyes once again. I was in the realm of the Sandman, lord of dreams. There must be something he knows, or someone he knows. I walked across the fields of sand to his abode of the dream castle, a humongous sand castle of sorts. As I took my first few steps into the castle, a dune of sand on the floor started to shape and morph itself into something else. As it finished shaping itself, I recognized who it was, it was my younger brother, the Sandman. He was a golden, handsome man wearing a shimmering robe. It was his favorite out of all his appearances. We, abstract, cosmic entities have no true form or gender, rather we are what we are. He is dreams, the very thing that you do in sleep or as you slip into imagination, leaving reality as you know it. I am the Void, the realm of Outer Creation, lit only by the few stars I put there. It is who I am, and my only true form. While I look like a pale man now, it is only an appearance, just something I use as a formality.

He took a small bow. “Now this is rare, what brings you to the Dream Castle, Brother?”

“I am here on important business, Dream, I need to know if you know of anything about what exists outside Creation.”

He pondered the question for a while. “Quite the interesting question you come to me with Older Brother, and while I know little on the subject I think I could point you to the right direction.”

Dream motioned for me to follow and I followed through the halls of Dream Castle. The castle was always amazing, filled with wonder and awe of those who dream. Sand shifted and shaped to dragons, planes, forests, and everything else one could imagine. It was so filled with life, animated, and happy compared to my realm. My realm was simply a dark, infinite void. Sometimes I envied my younger siblings, they had so much more than just a sad, dark, bare world.

Dream stopped and showed me a massive map in one of the halls “Here, Brother.”

I stared at it for some time “What is this, Dream?”

“This is all the living beings in this portion of creation, Brother; hopefully with this, you can seek some answers.”

The map lit certain beings, beings that knew something about what existed outside creation. I started to close my eyes once again, but Dream put his hand on my shoulder and stopped me.

“If none of them know, Death, Destruction, or maybe Fate knows. I wish you luck Brother, and say hi to Brother and Sister for me.”

“Thank you, Dream.”

I closed my eyes and disappeared once again.