Teacher Spotlight: Get to Know New Wakefield Staff Mr.Palermo

Every year we have new faces at Wakefield, students and staff. This year at Wakefield there are so many new teachers, and among them is Mr.Palermo! Mr.Palermo is a new Social Studies teacher here at Wakefield.

Mr. Palermo used to teach at Yorktown for 20 years! As much as he loved it there, he was ready for a change and wanted to challenge himself. Since Mr.Palermo taught at Yorktown he knows other teachers here in Arlington; he said, “I knew a lot of teachers who taught at different schools [in Arlington] and they all said that Wakefield is the place to be.” He was very encouraged to come here and luckily there was a spot open and he got the opportunity to come and teach at Wakefield.

When asked what he was most looking forward to this year Mr.Palermo said getting to know the students, and that it was the best part about coming to a new school; he said, “I love getting to know the students. I love all my classes.” Mr.Palermo said that he was looking forward to becoming part of the Wakefield community. Something he said Wakefield should know and expect about his classes are that, “It’s always the type of class where all of the students have an opportunity to contribute and I try to make it as fun and as lively and as interesting as possible.”

Mr.Palermo is very excited to be here this year, he has heard many good things about Wakefield, the staff and everyone speaks very highly of the student body. Mr.Palermo said, “I really like the supportive community that’s here at Wakefield, I’ve only been here a few weeks, but I already feel like it’s my home.”

Good luck to Mr.Palermo and all the new staff here at Wakefield; hope you have a great year becoming part of the Warrior family. If you want to be interviewed by the Chieftain, email us at [email protected]