Teacher Spotlight: Get to Know More About New Staff Ms.Irwin


Wakefield staff are such a huge part of the warrior community, and they deserve so much credit for all they do. New to the amazing staff here at Wakefield is Ms. Irwin, and she teaches math.

Ms. Irwin came to Wakefield because she has recently moved from Utah, and she said that Wakefield was the best school she interviewed with. This is Ms. Irwin’s 5th year teaching; she taught when she lived in Utah and she is now teaching here. She has lived in pretty much every region of the country.

Some things that Ms. Irwin is looking forward this year at Wakefield are “new adventures, diversity, [and] opportunities.” Ms. Irwin said that this year her students should expect fun, a lot of math, and a lot of learning. One thing that Ms. Irwin wants this year is for the students to teach her what it is like to be at Wakefield.

We want to wish her and all the staff good luck for this year and enjoy becoming part of the Wakefield community. If you want us to interview YOUR teacher, email us at [email protected].