Walk and Bike to School a Huge Sucess!!


Freshmen enjoying their first walk and bike to school day at Wakefield!!

Yesterday, students chose to walk and bike to school to help save the environment. This was a school wide effort and many kids participated. It looked like around 70 kids (Mostly freshmen! Class of 2021!) were extremely happy to participate and do their part in saving the planet and getting a good head start on their day.

Wakefield is one of thousands of other schools across the country who participated in this event. This is the fifth year that Wakefield has participated in walk and bike to school day. Ms. Kigin said, “I would like to see more people who don’t live in the walking zone to participate.” Many of the students were happy to get rewarded for something they do everyday. Freshman James Do said, “I love riding my bike everyday; it’s really fun.” The incentive for the kids was a ice cream party during Warriors’ Period. Freshman Livia Sinani said, “The ice cream tastes cold and delicious; it’s a great reward for walking to school.”

Freshman James Do enjoying his ice cream!!

Walk and bike to school day is an amazing opportunity for kids across the country to help the environment and help themselves get in or stay in shape. Hopefully, this day can inspire kids to walk or bike to school everyday. This will lead to a healthier country.