JP Goes To the Movies: Her Is A Movie For Her and Him

How many Ws will JP give this movie?

How many Ws will JP give this movie?

by JP DeFranco ’14 and Kailee Blalock ’16

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams

126 Minutes

Her is the story about Theodore Twombly’s (Joaquin Phoenix) relationship with a futuristic operating system that can feel emotions, think on its own, and live its own life. As his relationship gets more involved with this computer, it gets progressively more realistic and scary. His connection with this computer both romantically, mentally, and at one point physically makes the viewer cringe of the actual truths of the situation. His journey is a reflection of our journey into the infinite unknown world of technology.

The futuristic story line touches base on so many current issues that are present today. These movies shows how many people have gravitated away from human interactions and now have more contact with their technology over anything else. This movie is a great lesson for those Wakefielder’s out there who spend 24/7 on their phones in the hallways and in class. You might be talking to someone on a social network, but look up from your device and talk to someone straight in the eye to see the emotions on their face. Human interaction is a main theme in this movie. Her shows us that we always need human interaction and we can’t just survive on our technology no matter how easy it is to just bury our heads in it. Another touching theme in this movie is the question – “What is love?” This movie gives an alternative view to that question and if you have ever asked yourself that question I would strongly suggest watching this movie.

Although the film touched on a vast array of ideas it did not satisfy the viewer. While the scenes did not lack emotion they did not fill the screen with entertainment. The movie would have been more satisfying if, rather than two hours, it was reduced to 90 minutes. The cinematography while being minimalistic, drew in the viewer with its use of saturated colors like as pink and yellow. The supporting actors did an excellent job maintaining the topic while still giving the story depth. The story itself in one way is relatable, but it is also so far stretched that it’s not believable. The movie is lacking a detailed plot; it is very repetitive.

This movie touched on many themes and life lessons that are so close to all of our hearts and lives. Her tried to shove too many themes, too many situations, and too much of this lonely man’s life into this movie. Romantic Comedies usually don’t succeed if they run over 2 hours. But, all in all, this movie is very unique. If you are looking for a cute but deep movie that will make you laugh and shed a tear, Her is the movie for you.


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