Las Vegas Shooting: Terrorist Attack?


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The night of the shooting.

The Las Vegas shooting is one of the worst mass shooting we have had in recent memory, killing 59 people and injuring more than 500 people. It is being called one of the most controversial attacks leaving people shocked and scared to even go out in public.

According to the New York Times, on October 2nd, during a country western music festival at Mandalay Bay, out of nowhere, Stephen Paddock began shooting from the 32nd floor of  a hotel building. Leaving everyone running, and trying to find cover. The shooter was active for 9-11 minutes.  Stephen Paddock had no motivation for this attack. He had no inspiration; he had pills that he was taking but that wouldn’t make him just shoot a whole bunch of innocent people. Police arrived and found him dead on the 32nd floor. 500 innocent people were injured and 59 were killed in this terrorist attacks.

Why is it not being called a terrorist attack? If it was a muslim shooter would people immediately call it was a terrorist attack? According to NewsWeek,  it’s clearly a terrorist attack even if it was a white man, but some of the news outlet aren’t calling it a terrorist attack. For an example, the Orlando shooting that killed 49 people was immediately called a terrorist attack because the man was muslim. Every attack intending to cause harm to our citizens is a terrorist attack regardless of race.