Homecoming Dance Accessories: Classy not Trashy

Found the perfect dress? Perfect shoes? Now all that’s left is to accessorize! Here are some of the latest trends to bring your outfit together.

Colored eyeliner: Try using white or a complimentary color to create a bold yet minimalist eye look.

Photo found at stylecaster.com

Dark lip colors: Welcome the fall weather by bringing fall to your lips. Deep vampy reds, dark plums, and berries are all fall approved. Make sure to either choose a bold lip or eye look, doing both can create confusion.

Photo found at nyxcosmetics.com.

Hair cuffs: By adding a gold cuff to your simple low ponytail can upgrade a look to take a once simple ponytail to minimalist but cool and trendy.

Photo found at hairromance.com.

Statement jewelry: Wearing a solid color, or a simple dress? By adding some statement jewelry, like a bold necklace or daring earrings, you can change an entire look.

Photo found at brit.com.

Hair glitter: By brushing glitter into your hair you can add some sparkle and draw more attention to it. Getting the glitter out might be a pain but it’s all worth it if you look fabulous.

Photo found at xojane.com.

Peachy cheeks: Not ready for colored eyeliner or bold lips? Try adding some extra color to your cheeks, also try swiping some of the same blush to your eyelids for a monochromatic look.

Photo found at aminoapps.com.

Dramatic lashes: Are your eyeshadow skills not the best? Try applying some false eyelashes, the lashes will make up for the lack of eyeshadow, and still bring attention to your eyes.

Photo found @BeautyHealthHip.

No matter what the accessory, the main point of Homecoming is to make memories that will last far beyond high school. See you on Saturday in Cafeteria and Town Hall.