Homecoming Week: What to Do Friday and Saturday


You already asked them to the dance, now all you have to do is listen to the music and have a good time on the dance floor.

Football games, Homecoming Dance asks, and bursts of school spirit; Homecoming at Wakefield is an annual celebration of our family-like traditions which always makes Wakefield feel like home. The most talked about activities are the football game tonight at 7pm vs. Lee High School and the dance tomorrow at 8pm in the Cafeteria and Town Hall. Yet there are many things that go on before these two big events that can actual create better memories.

The week before those two festivities is Spirit Week. Each day, students dress up according to different themes to show their school spirit. This year we had Toga/PJ day, Character Day, Jersey Day, Beach Day, and Class Colors Day for the pep rally. All classes and staff attend the rally where they usually compete through tug of war, basketball, making the most noise, and more. “The pep rallies are really fun and everyone comes out to show school spirit, let’s see if we can top last year!” said Senior Amanuel Halasa. 

This gets everyone hype just in time for the tailgate which is followed by the football game. SGA is trying to make the tailgate even more fun by having some clubs host games in the grass between the field and the school at 6pm. After you are all full and just about as hype as one could get, it’s time for the game. This is where the fun really begins. The homecoming football game is the most anticipated game of the season. The whole team goes into the game with the the mindset that they must protect their home, Wakefield.

The next day can create special memories as groups get together. The homecoming dance is like prom junior. This dance is less formal, but is a hub for underclassmen. As the cafeteria is transformed into a dance hall and the speakers play all the latest heat, you can’t help but vibe and have a great time. Although the party is very exciting most students usually leave early and end Homecoming the right way.

After the dance is the best part of homecoming. The opportunities are endless for what you could do. There are after parties with friends, alone time with your bae, and the most popular option, getting food with bae and friends. Bob and Edith’s is the place to go if you have a car. Without transportation, TGIFridays is down the hill and open until 11pm. All your friends sitting around in a restaurant chilling and eating good after a lit week are the memories you can cherish for life.