California Wild Fires: Why Should We Care?

It was a weary weekend in California as the recent wildfires in Los Angeles killed at least 40 people and left a lot more missing, Nobody actually knows how the fires started, but climate change is most likely the culprit. So human’s lack of understanding and care about our impact to the environment is causing massive wildfires on the West Coast. It took more than 11,000 firefighters to control 15 separate blazes through 3 days, unfortunately it was too late as it already took out at least 5700 homes and businesses.

This is in California, why should we care? The main reason we should care is because they destroy the ecosystem and add to the extinction of many species. It also burns through money, impacting local and national budgets. Junior Arti Shala said, “Wildfires need to be stopped because our environment is at risk, and without our environment we going to have none of the resources we need to survive.”

It’s just another wake up call for people to be more aware of the environment and how we directly impact the climate we live and breathe in! Even if a Utility company is given the blame, according to PG&E is under investigation, millions of trees weakened by years of drought couldn’t have helped.