Club Spotlight: What is Solidarity Club? Should I Join?

How many immigrants have to be deported before people unite for their cause?

If you feel this way, then you should totally join Solidarity Club! Solidarity Club was formed last spring when undocumented immigrants started to feel singled out, that the students and staff of Wakefield aren’t against them, and fully support them.

If you want to check it out, stop by every Tuesday at Warriors’ Period, or C lunch, in room A-232.

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Solidarity Club is a very diverse group. that talk about solutions to issues that Wakefield students face. This club was started by none other than the amazing Ms. Lordos! She said, “our plan is to make all students aware…that we are a diverse group of immigrants and native born students, who want to offer support during stressful times. I am grateful to Ms. Polhemus, Ms Pettit, Ms. Markowitz, and Ms. Economou, who helped get the club launched.”

Wakefield Solidarity Club wants to offer a place where undocumented immigrants are heard and understood; this club is for you. Immigrants in general, regardless of documentation status, may feel like they are being treated unfairly in the political climate we are living in now; this club is for you. Students who are unaffected by the political climate, and are not recent immigrants to this country, but feel sympathy for those who are; this club is for you.  You can see what other students are going through, share their stories, and help affect change. Every student at Wakefield is responsible for being aware of what’s going on.

Solidarity Club is open to anyone who wants to learn about their rights. They offer wristbands to students, as a subtle statement of support, without being overtly political. You can buy one for $1 at a club meeting, or from Ms. Lordos in room  A-232. You can support Solidarity Club by joining, or buying a wristband.

Make a difference today! We will see you on Tuesday at WP or C Lunch!