A Herculean Review


Midnight Blue '14

With all of the choices out there, The Legend of Hercules is a solid pick.

Midnight Blue '14, Staff Writer

The Legend of Hercules 3D, starring: Kellen Lutz, Gaia Weiss, Scott Adkins, Roxanne McKee, Liam Mclntyre and Liam Garrigan, tells the story of Hercules and how he came to be.

The actors selected to play the roles fit in very well as their characters. Kellen Lutz was the only actor who was strong, while everyone else showed. Liam Garrigan played a very emotional and slightly creepy man; the way he acted made people feel terrified and scared of what he might do next.

The highlight of the movie was when Zeus unlocked Hercules’s potential powers and defeated two different armies all by himself. In one breath-taking scene, Zeus’ wife appeared to talk to Hercules and tell him that he had to believe Zeus was his father and he shouldn’t abuse his powers, or else he would be doomed for eternity.

One of the pros about the movie is that it is available in 3D. Watching it in 3D gave the movie a greater effect and made it seem like you were part of each and every war they fought. However, it was quite short. It was an hour and thirty eight minutes long and the movie should have been longer and should have had more detailed scenes about the action to get the audience excited and interested. People who would enjoy this movie must like a plot twist, enjoy violence and be a sucker for romance. The movie is worth the trip because it was engaging but too short for a legendary hero film.