The Top Five Most Popular Games of 2014

Usman has not left his room in 5 days because of the top five games.

Forrest Jacobs '14

Usman has not left his room in 5 days because of the top five games.

Forrest Jacobs '14, Staff Writer

5. The Last Of Us

If you like games with great stories and graphics, then Playstation’s exclusive The Last Of Us is the game for you. The two characters, Joel and Ellie, work together to survive in an apocalyptic setting and as the story goes on, the characters develop. However if you’re looking for action this game can be slow paced at points. Every game has flaws, but this is still ranked to be one of the best games you could play for its engaging story and cinematic appeal.

 4. BioShock Infinite

The third game in the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite, is a great first person shooter that brings a new setting to the series. In the previous games, you found yourself in an underwater city; but in BioShock Infinite you’re in the air city of Columbia set in 1912. You have to deal with two factions in the city called the Nativist and Elite Founders. BioShock Infinite is definitely worth the buy if you like first person shooters and crazy stories.

3. Super Mario 3D Land

For the 3DS and Wii U, Super Mario 3D World is a fun and fast paced game the whole family can play. It’s the type of game that will be fun no matter how old you are. As oppose to the 2D side scroll game play of the previous Super Mario games, Mario 3D World gives you a new way to look at the Mario world. The game mechanics are easy to pick up and with up to four players, it gets crazy. GameSpot calls it “Superb”, GameFly gave it a 9.3, and it’s IGN’s number 4 of 2013. It is definitely worth a buy because it has replay value and is fun for everyone.

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Link Between Words

The newest addition to The Legend Of Zelda series, Link Between Worlds, has lived up to the Zelda name. First out in 1986, The Legend Of Zelda has come a long way. From the Famicom Disk System to the new 3DS it really has become a legend in itself. In Link Between Worlds, it’s the story of a princess named Zelda, who gets kidnapped by Yuga, an evil sorcerer. It’s up to Link to save the Kingdom of Hyrule With plenty of gameplay and a huge land to explore, Link Between Worlds lives up to the reputation of the Zelda named franchise.

1. GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto is always fun, but GTA 5 has exceeded my expectations. Not only have they kept their free world, sandbox feel that they have in all their games, they also put a great story in and new mechanics for first-person shooter fans. One of the newest feature is you follow three characters and can switch character to character during gameplay. If you buy this game you will not be disappointed for its story line and endless replay value.