Food and Fitness Frenzy

Clean up your GPA and take Food and Fitness next year. Winner! You will learn how to cook practical meals in a dynamic environment.

Fabio Marte '16, Staff Writer

Fire, metals, and an apron. Alchemy you say? Wrong! It’s Ms. Mukherji’s Food & Fitness class!

The classroom section looks similar to most new Wakefield rooms, crisp, clean, and inviting. The kitchen section of the room is divided into 6 cubicle-style areas, reminiscent of a competitive cooking show. Think of it as Iron Chef, except with hormonal teenagers who can’t cook as well. Each section comes equipped with a sink, stove, cabinets, and the standard utensils; enough about the room, the class is what’s important.

When this reporter visited the class, the task of the day was to create a plate of nachos. The class swelled with anticipation; who doesn’t love a greasy pile of nachos? Before sending the class off to fend for themselves in the kitchen, Ms. Mukherji demonstrated the process of building the perfect nachos. Being the cooking dynamo that she is, she effortlessly threw the dish together, combining beef, salsa, beans and seasoning in perfect harmony. It almost felt like watching a magic show. Once her example was done, it was time for the students to try it for themselves.

Vanessa Rivero ’15 commented, “Cooking in groups gives you a chance to experience the value of teamwork. It also lets you see how well people interact with one another when set in assigned groups. It’s an amazing class.” she said. Each group had their own way of doing things; some tasked out certain jobs, and other groups worked on everything together. One thing was certain; cooperation between the students was definitely present. Like a well seasoned dish, everyone’s vibrant personalities blended together to create the perfect flavors.

The smell of beef wafted through the air, the nachos were done, and it was time to test the finished product. They were so good I almost quit the Chieftain to become a permanent member of the class. The class doesn’t only cook, they learn about teamwork, basic sanitation, international foods, safety and life skills, work ethics, and much more.

If food and fitness sounds like your passion, it’s not too late to talk to your counselor about planning for the upcoming school year. Food and fitness could definitely open doors for you.