Phil and Bob: Hot Shots in France


The night of the Awards Show, Marwan, Thomas, and Kalin show off their certificates.

Phil and Bob is an animated show made by Wakefield High School juniors Marwan Mohamed, Thomas Stevens and Kalin Khanzada as a contribution to Wakefield Action Media. It all started with a bunch of drawings but they wanted to make it bigger than that, by adding sound effects and moving the drawings, it turned out to be a pretty cool show.

With Phil and Bob being popular in France, they heard about the film festival in the French embassy. By uploading a couple of their videos, they won 2nd place in the competition and received certificates for their win.

Marwan said, “We are working on a Phil and Bob movie for our senior project and it is expected to release in 2019, and we also plan to expand our show to other platforms like YouTube.”

Thomas Stevens also said, “Our main goal of making this show is to make people laugh and making their day a little bit better.”

Show your support by watching the winning episode of Phil and Bob.