Sneaker Reselling: What you didn’t know about the Sneaker Market.


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Ian Moran '19, Staff Writer

Sneaker and clothing resellers are controlling the prices and markets of shoes, some think it’s annoying but most can’t deny it might be one of the easiest hustles out there.

You might not know this, but there is a lot of money to be made through clothing and sneaker reselling. Supply and demand are the main cause. When there is a low supply of an item and a high demand, it will sell out quickly and will markup the prices. It’s the same with shoes. It may seem like easy money but you have to get a feel for the market and know exactly what items are hyped and what the newest trends are. If you end up making a wrong guess you could lose the money you invested because the item ended up not being as anticipated as you thought. I have been selling clothing and sneakers as a side job for around 2 years now. Throughout I have made my fair share of experiences and acquaintances through people that share the same hobby.

Here’s a couple helpful tips if you ever decided to try and make some money through sneakers:

-Make sure you have facebook and join all the big Sneaker groups.

-If a lot of people are talking about a release, the item is usually hyped and will flip for a profit.

-Make sure there is hype and a low supply because that will make it desirable.

-Send and receive money only through Paypal to avoid getting scammed.

-When meeting with someone make sure he is reliable and not a sketchy character. Always pick a public place.

-Shoes to make sure are on your radar are Yeezys and Jordans. For clothes the most hyped brands at the moment are Supreme, Palace and Bape.

-A fast computer always helps when dealing with a lot of tasks at the same time. 

If you do it right you can make a lot of money without really doing too much work. It might be hard to sell stuff in the beginning because you don’t have a reputation but over time you will begin to connect with the people that do the same thing. Some people that I have met over the internet legitimately do this as a job and are full time resellers. They line up every week, make connections and have a big social media base through with they sell their product. Just remember you will have to deal with a lot of trolls and people who flake on buying your items, just stay patient!

All in all this is a great hobby for people that want to get some business experience and make some cash doing it!