When Snowed In, Find Adventure on the Television

Waragon '15, Guest Writer

Find yourself with extra time? I have some suggestions for how to spend it. The following T.V. shows are worth the time invested, catch them on their respective networks, and also on Netflix.

Arrow: (Action, Drama, and Adventure)

A man returns home after living alone on an island for five years; his father’s yacht had sunk and everyone died except for him, he just drifted around on the ocean for months before finding the island. During the show, he gets flashbacks about the island. These flashbacks are the best part of the series, and reveal more and more about a mission his father left for him to finish. He is to become the vigilante known as “The Hood” and must stop the evil in his city. His villain stopping weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. This modern day adventure series is better than most programs running.

Supernatural: (Horror, Fantasy, and Action)

This popular show is about two brothers, Sam and Dean. They travel the world killing supernatural creatures. On this adventure, life isn’t as it seems. Plot twists are at every corner. The brothers make the show great. Their relationship ties all of the unexpected events together.

Doctor Who: (Drama, Adventure, and Science Fiction)

A 1200 year old alien travels through time in his Time and Relative Dimension in Space Machine (TARDIS). He is the last of his species, so he saves other races for the same fate. What makes the show interesting is the time travel. One show can be about the 1920’s and one can be about a rock concert. The diversity of setting is what keeps viewers entertained.

Sherlock: (Crime Fiction. Mystery, and Adventure)

Many know the story of Sherlock Holmes; a detective uses his powers of deduction to solve mysteries. This series makes the familiar character more approachable for our generation. In search for a “flatmate”, Sherlock stumbles upon a man named Dr. Watso. Then, the fun begins. Watch this great ¬†criminal justice show.

Once Upon A Time: (Fantasy, Romance, and Adventure)

This is a fairytale show with a modern twist. It is based on the premis that the fairytale world has been sent to our world. The protagonist is teh daughter of Snow White and prince Charming. Her mission (everyone has one…) is to save the fairytale world from the tyrannical Evil Queen.

These shows will keep your attention and help make the cold winter nights seem like an adventure.