The Fight for Equality is Taxed

Many products that everyone uses on a daily basis like razors, tooth brushes, and hair products are taxed more for women than for men. There is a significant difference in the sales taxes on hygienic products between women and men. This is one example of how women go through the #struggle everyday.

We believe that the¬†Pink Tax demonstrates how society has a misogynistic view not just on hygiene products, but in general. Men and women are buying the same products so why are women paying more? There’s no reason to charge women higher taxes for the same products.

Women are also paid less then men, so why are their taxes higher? Not to mention how women are taxed on products like pads and tampons even though they are necessities. Women are not only taxed extra, but their products are more expensive.

We need to fix this problem. Women have been fighting for equality forever, and yet this is still a problem.¬† All women want is to be viewed as equal, treated the same, and taxed the same as men. Women are constantly struggling because of the wage gap, pink tax, and sexism and it’s time for that to end.

It’s time to make a change. #warriornation spread the word #EndPinkTax