100 Word Story

Paul Garado '19, Staff Writer

Sometimes, Wakefield students write 100 word stories. They can be fun to write. Read more here. (Click the link.) Or, write your own and email it to Ms. Wathen (The Chieftain Adviser) at [email protected].


I could feel the cold winter air, freeze my skin, like blades to the chest. A breeze as cold as Death’s kiss, a world, monochrome with nothing in it. I couldn’t feel my fingers or my toes anymore. I was ready to collapse, in the dark of the night, where I would be lost to life. My knees gave way, all I could do was claw against the tide, against the endless sea of snow. I didn’t want to get consumed, get destroyed by Winter’s fang. Wait, there’s my savior, dropping warm drink from above.

“Thanks for the cocoa, Mom.”

Photo by:https://www.flickr.com/photos/cheryldudley/
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