Student Spotlight: Daniela Crespo Helps Others Overcome Obstacles


Imagine you just moved to the United States. You don’t speak any English and are put into a class that only speaks English. What do you do? That’s the reality that many HILT students face. One of these students was senior Daniela Crespo.

Crespo dealt with obstacles every day. She said, “Language, learning, and writing were really hard for me.” As one of these students that faced this monumental task, not only did she beat it, but now she is helping other students by being on a panel that speaks to HILT freshman. “I know those who are still HILT, and I tell them I can help in any way. I also mentor some of the HILT students,” she went on to say,  “there was a special panel on the PSAT day, and since I was a senior, I was brought in to speak to the HILT Freshman in Spanish.” 

Part of mentoring is giving others advice based on experience. When asked what advice she would give her past self, she said: “Work hard because it’s worth it.” 

If you’re a struggling student in HILT and need inspiration, Crespo’s mantra is: “I know I came here to be successful, and because I have come so far, I am not going to lose faith.”

Just remember, Wakefield is here to help. You can always ask fellow students and teachers for help if you need it. Not only is Daniela here to help, so is all of Wakefield.