Movies (of Every Genre) To Watch Over The Break

While there are people who use Winter Break to travel and for adventure, there are those of us who use it to sit on the couch and relax. For the latter, here are 10 movies to enjoy over your winter break wrapped in your thermal blanket.


Dunkirk– Though this may seem like just another war movie, many critics claim that this is one of the greatest war film’s ever. This intense, action-packed film takes place in World War II, during the Dunkirk evacuation. What makes this film so interesting is the way we get to see it through different points of view: land, sea and air. The delivery of this incredibly suspenseful action movie is a must watch.


Wolf Children– This movie follows the life of a woman who is left to take care of her two half-human half-wolf children, after their father, a werewolf, dies. This movie may seem a little cliche with the werewolves, but it’s mostly about a single mom learning to raise 2 kids, who happen to be half-wolf. While this is supposed to be a happy family film, it definitely has it’s somber moments that could be a tearjerker.


Central Intelligence– The best part of this movie is the hilarious relationship between the two main characters, played by Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. They play two high school friends who reconnect twenty years later and while one is an accountant, the other is a CIA agent. They are forced to work together in order to save America from a terrorist that plans to sell satellite codes. This hysterical comedy will have its audience’s stomach hurting for the next week.


Oceans Eleven (2001)-¬†This film is definitely a favorite amongst crime movie lovers. It’s about a man named Danny Ocean who plans to rob three of the biggest Las Vegas casinos simultaneously, which is why he gathers a group of 10 other professionals to help him. While the plot itself is enthralling, the cast really pulls it all together. (Get caught up. Watch 11, 12, and 13…they are making an all-female Oceans Eight in June of 2018.)


The Amityville Horror (2005)- This haunting film follows the story of the Lutz family who move into a house, despite knowing about the disturbing family murder of the previous owner of the house. Soon after moving in, the family begins to experience terrifying visions and feel a constant malevolent presence around the house. The most terrifying thing about this movie, is how it’s based off a true story.


10 Things I Hate About You– This iconic romantic comedy is about a girl whose personality doesn’t particularly help with relationships, which is a big problem for her younger sister, Bianca. Since the house rules say that Bianca can’t date until her older sister gets a boyfriend, the younger sister is forced to orchestrate a plan to stir up some romance in her sisters life. This film is sure to make the audience laugh, cry and aw (possibly at the same time).

Science Fiction

Inception- This movie revolves around a man who has the ability to enter peoples dreams, which is why he enters the world of espionage that allows him to steal secrets directly from peoples heads. While this seems like an amazing skill, it has cost him everything he loves, which is why when he is given the opportunity of redemption, he takes it. Little does he know how ready is next opponent is for him. This film will have its audience questioning where the dream ends and reality begins.

Whatever the mood your in, watching one of these movies is sure to satisfy you.

Have a great Winter Break, Wakefield!