Highlights of 2017: The Most Mind-Blowing Year Yet


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The ball dropping on New Years Eve is when 2018 officially begins. Photo found at: http://bit.ly/2zbftmr.

Alejandra Galdo Hernandez '20, Staff Writer

2017 was a wild ride for us all. It was filled with trends, shows, music, memes, and more. Here is a recap of some of the biggest, most important things that you might’ve forgotten happened this year.


Bringing in the new year with a new president, Donald Trump. Many showed their disapproval by participating in the Women’s March. This was the biggest march of the year with 3,300,000-4,600,000 people  Also, the release of Riverdale, a now very popular show on the CW. This was just the start of the fandom. Now in December, everyone is watching Riverdale!


The announcement of Beyonce’s pregnancy left us shook, and excited for the future of her family! Lady Gaga put on an amazing show expressing love and acceptance during the Super Bowl half time. Definitely a show to remember. During the Oscars there was a slight confusion on who won Best Picture… Moonlight or La La Land? Moonlight was crowned Best Picture in the end!


As Debbie Reynolds is awarded the SAG’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Meryl Streep shows her undying support and shortly after becomes a meme! Additionally, a live-action retelling version of Beauty and the Beast is released. This movie includes a star studded cast, including Emma Watson as the main character; Belle, Dan Stevens as another note worthy character, the Beast, and many others.


A popular young adult novel, 13 Reasons Why, is turned into a Netflix series and stirs up a multitude of differing opinions. This show was definitely a hit, one of Netflix’s best! Sesame Street also introduced us to a new character, Julia, their first autistic character on the show.


Our beloved president tweets out a typo and becomes an iconic meme. Covfefe, trends on Twitter and leaves everyone guessing what the president meant to say. We still haven’t figured it out… Harry Styles also released a self titled album and leaves fans in awe of his new music. If you haven’t listened to it yet, check it out on iTunes or Spotify.


Ariana Grande hosts One Love Manchester. A benefit concert following after a horrible bombing that took place at one of her concerts only a few weeks before. Wonder Woman is released and surpassed projected box office totals, ranking in over $800 million. Gal Gadot did a outstanding performance as Wonder Woman. Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow, makes Billboard history by being the first female solo rapper to top the charts in over 19 years.


On July 14th, Beyonce brought two new beautiful people into the world, Sir and Rumi Carter. In other news, “I’m the sheriff” memes blew up on Twitter and other social media platforms.


Kesha comes back into the spotlight by releasing her album titled Rainbow, this album gives listeners a glimpse into the emotional hardships she faced as an artist. Everyone also takes a break from looking at screens (for once) and takes a look at the sky to view the solar eclipse, hopefully with their solar eclipse glasses on…


Makeup junkies everywhere are ready to spend their money on Rihanna’s makeup line,  Fenty Beauty. This line of makeup offers a very diverse range of shades. This was a ground breaking moment for makeup users of color. People all around the world were offering their support for hurricane victims, and continuing to show love as it still is a problem today.


Niall Horan stuns fans with his album, Flicker. Many fans show their love and support for the artist and listen to his album on repeat. People everywhere gained the confidence to share their sexual misconduct encounters , labeling them #MeToo on social media to band together.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share their engagement with the world. Also, Taylor Swift breaks her silence from the music industry by releasing, Reputation. This album was unlike her previous albums, but still was just as good as the others. Popular Korean band, BTS also gets their share of the spotlight by giving an amazing performance at the American Music Awards.


Times magazine releases their person of the year. Instead of choosing just one person, several significant women were given this title (they missed Kesha though…). This cover shows the support of women who have come forward with their experiences of sexual misconduct. Net neutrality also gets repealed, but we still continue to fight back. A little closer to home, Wakefield experiences the devastating cancellation of the Sadie Hawkins dance. But there were still some memorable asks.

All in all, this was a year to be remembered and we can’t wait to see what 2018 brings! Happy New Year #warriornation