Primordial: Part 5

A crawling disease, infecting existence with an unstoppable plague. After hearing her story, I had come to a conclusion as to what this entity attacking us was. It was not some foreign power trying to attack us, it was a virus. A sickness in our own existence that was trying to consume the last of the light that existed here. As the possibilities and scenarios played through my head, me defeating an entity spawned and fed by creation itself seemed entirely impossible. My powers wouldn’t be enough to take down the source, even if I managed to take down countless of the infected beings like the one from when I first met Beth, it would never be enough. I would be fighting forever while the virus feeds on creation, becoming stronger. I was getting nowhere thinking by myself, some of my other siblings were as wise as I. If I am to get anywhere with this, I would need more help.

I knew the location of three of my siblings, and I more or less knew I would have to talk to two of them at some point. I teleported into the location where time all started, the shores of the river of time.

At the shores awaited three of the most powerful beings in all of eternity, apart from myself of course. Here was Chronos, Life, and once again Death.

Life looked exactly like her twin sister except of course, wasn’t clad in all black and was a lot less outgoing. Life was the second eldest in the family, but her shy demeanor often leaves her out of the family gatherings, similar to my standing in the family.

Me and Chronos have a interesting relationship. I was born a millennia before him, but he became the natural head due to his much kinder demeanor. He always has that large cloak that he has worn since the beginning of time. We don’t talk much since he’s usually busy with his own stuff.

“Hello, younger siblings. I have an important topic to discuss with all of you.”

“What a surprise to see you here, Brother. If you need to talk about something, you know you’re always welcome here.”

After talking to them about the specifics of my findings, everyone looked baffled. Trying to stop something that was part of creation was something that was extremely difficult, it would be like trying to kill one of us. In order to stop this threat, we would have to think of something outside the box. We needed to think of something that could cleanse creation, but how could one do that.

“I have an idea, Brother.” Chronos said.

“What might that be?” I said.

“We could revert creation back to the beginning!” He said.

All of us looked at each other puzzled, what did that mean?

“Could you elaborate, Brother?” I asked.

Chronos’s plan sounded mad, but seemed like the only feasible plan that could work, even if it required a miracle. What the plan was, is to collapse creation in on itself and bring it back to its most basic forms. It would be destroying effectively everything in creation, everything but myself, and that is where the plan truly comes to action. I live outside creation, my powers are beyond it. If I were to secure a piece of creation that was untouched by the virus, creation could possibly be saved.

This would have to be the plan we would have to go with. No other solution was in sight, and we had no idea how much time we had left. This plan would need to go in action now, with our combined power overloading creation, creation wouldn’t be able to support the sheer amount of power we were creating.

All of us joined together and focused our powers. The fabric of time and space began to break down around us. This was it, this was the end.