There is Nothing Neutral about Net Neutrality

Net neutrality means that internet providers must treat all content on the internet equally to users. Simply, net neutrality is the reason that social medias sites and web browsers are free of charge, which is what makes the internet a place of collective ideas, and an open forum for freedom of opinion and speech.

However, the government is in the process of passing a bill to get rid of net neutrality, causing obvious uproar in the media. If net neutrality is repealed, internet users will have to pay certain fees to use content, like Twitter, Snapchat, and Netflix, and the internet loses its easy accessibility. The impact of the bill wouldn’t hit us all at once; changes would be made gradually, eventually changing the face of the internet.

Internet providers can also be selective about which sites to show or take away, which ends up benefiting larger corporations, and shutting out small businesses. “I think that ultimately, the new regulations could lead to a two class internet, in which big companies that can pay the fees will have a big advantage over small companies that are not able to pay the fees of the internet providers” said senior Ben Shulz.

To help stop net neutrality from being passed, petitions have been formed, people have been eagerly texting, making calls, and writing to congress, and the internet has spread the word to encourage others to take action. An online campaign called Battle for the Net has also been launched to stop congress from letting the bill pass.

For more information, updates, or to help save net neutrality, visit #netneutrality, or Internet freedom is a right still given to all; let’s stop the government from taking that one away next.