Swim and Dive: The Most Exciting, Ignored Sport at Wakefield


If you are looking for a way to keep warm and have some light hearted good times, then Wakefield Swim and Dive meets are for you. All the meets (besides regionals and states) are home meets, so there are no excuses not to be there. The entire team has a great vibe; everyone on the team thinks being on the Swim and Dive team is a lot of fun. After hearing what the team does, you’ll definitely want to go to a meet.

Wakefield’s Swim and Dive is more than just a team, it’s a family like atmosphere. They laugh together, work together, eat together, compete together, and win together. Senior Matthew Buchholz said, “Everyone comes together for swimming.”

Just like any sport, swimming is hard work and not everyone is at the same skill level. A majority of people on the team have been on a team outside of Wakefield and are more advanced. This doesn’t discourage the other swimmers; in fact, due to the strong camaraderie on the team, swimmers help each other to keep moving forward. Junior Musse Yimer said, “You have to put in extra work to stay at the same level as kids in club swim.”

These meets could be physically draining, if it wasn’t for the camaraderie. Senior Ellie Hannon said, “The meets run really late.” The late hours are a prime example of what most swimmers here at Wakefield are made of and shows their strong work ethic…a work ethic you will only be able to witness at their Friday meets.

Wakefield Swim and Dive isn’t just work, they know how to party, every week in fact. Carb-loading is the process of eating a lot of carbs such as pasta before a sport for maximum energy. This is one of the purposes of the Swim and Dive team’s weekly pasta parties every Thursday.  But if you are lucky enough to be at Spaghetti night, you see the family like bond between the swimmers. Which helps them win more as a team and gain motivation to work harder at practice.

Mr. Blair, Geometry Teacher

Any team like this is worth watching so after a long week of school work and stress, spend your Friday afternoon escaping the cold and keeping warm by watching and cheering on your Wakefield Swim and Dive team.