Golden Globes Go Black with Not A Lot of Impact

Mia White '18, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The 75th annual Golden Globes was January 7th, and in protest of many sex crimes that have come up recently, a handful of actresses and actors decided to kick off the award season by wearing black, and they hoped to make women more seen and heard in a male dominated industry. To some extent they succeeded in their attempt, but their point was not well executed.

The biggest protest of the evening ended up being a bust, attendees were asked to wear black.  A lot did, but the downfall of this protest was a lot of people wear black to a BLACK TIE event. It had no effect on the viewing audience. If the color choice wasn’t as easy to execute, would people still have participated in the protest? For instance, if the color was pink would people have shown their solidarity with the cause? Would there have been as high of participation if they were called to boycott?

Industry leaders would’ve been forced to take notice and stand with hundreds of women in this protest instead of the show proceeding on without any real recognition of what they were protesting beyond the activists’ speeches. The idea of showing solidarity through wearing a color has been done too much. It  has lost it’s shock value. It is the equivalent of a #hastag in a tweet. People feel like they are doing something when they aren’t doing much.

In the end, the protest of sexual assault and women not being heard was not really portrayed through wearing the color black; it was just another issue that faded to black.

If you want to protest and affect change. You live close to Washington DC. There is a march on January 20th called the #MeToo March. More information is here.