4 Tips To Finish The First Semester Slick


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With 4 days left for the first semester, everybody is stressed about their grades, it’s either raise them or keep them as they are, all of us have our own struggle.

With homework and studying and trying to squeeze enough time in for sleep, it can be really challenging, so instead of just leaving it up in the air, The Chieftain has some tips to finish your semester strong!

1- Create a checklist and talk to your TEACHER to put it in order

There are only four class days left. That is TWO Day 1s and TWO Day 2s. Create a to do list of the assignments that are worth the MOST points. If you don’t know what assignment is going to affect your grade the most, ¬†something that most of us don’t actually do is go on Synergy and Canvas and figure out what we have missing. Then, go talk to your teacher about what they think you should do. Ask them to help you decide what to do first.

2- Put your phone away!

You can’t even lie, you know your phone is probably the biggest distraction of them all, so just put it on silent and leave it somewhere you can’t reach it until you finish studying for that test, or doing that work.

3- Go to class

Yea, it’s the end of the semester and all but teachers still teach! If you don’t go to class, you miss work, which leads to losing grades, as easy as that!

4- Go to The Coping Courtyard on Monday, January 22nd in Town Hall!

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