Primordial: Part 6 (The Final Installment)

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As we ripped creation apart, we could feel and hear a thousand creatures screaming. Towns, cities, continents, planets, galaxies, and universes were all being destroyed before us. The amount of grief and pain that was emanating from the world was disheartening to say the least, but this had to be done, no matter the cost.

Life fell to her knees, and Death was barely holding on, even Time, second to only me, was waning.

I could already tell my siblings were weakening, with Life and Death’s powers being directly linked to mortal beings, the more we destroyed, the weaker they would become. I was tied to the void, something outside of creation, but still, this was a hard task, harder than anything I ever had to do.

As we ripped the fabric of reality, I could see the virus getting destroyed with the rest of creation, as it was broken down into nothing. We were killing its food, its host, and its only tie to existence. All I needed was a pure part of existence, an untainted piece for me to claim.

The closer we got to the end, the slower we got, my siblings were weakening with the end of creation, which their powers were based in. Life fell to her knees, and Death was barely holding on, even Time, second to only me, was waning.

“Siblings, the end is near, let us stop to find a pure part of creation.” I said.

“Brother, I will go with you, Life and Death are too weak to go on.” Chronos said.

“Okay, let’s go.” I said.

Traveling the now broken down creation was a terrible seeing; it seemed like pure space, only a piece of it’s former glory. Only pieces were left, in what once was a vast eternity. Time looked saddened by the current state of the creation.

It was nearly impossible, whatever was left, was tainted. Nothing was clean enough to take.

“What are we gonna do, Brother?” I said.

“Let us return to Life and Death, we’ll find nothing here.” Chronos said.

We returned to the River of Time to our sisters, in hope of any good news. Returning to the River of Time, Life was still weak on the ground laying on her sister.

“Death, is Life okay?”

“She’ll be okay, but look at this.” She said.

It was a stone from the fountain where the waters of time came from. I grabbed it, and instantly realized what it was, this was completely clean. I should have known, this place was the core of existence, where time itself started, the virus would have a hard time getting here. I broke down the stone, and returned it to its primal state, an orb of light, with the threads of existence embedded within. It was weird how something so small, could save all of existence.

As I walked back to my siblings, a large pile of goo started to appear at our feet. It quickly shaped itself into a gargantuan blob of the virus. I could not allow it to touch the piece I carried, and I knew my siblings understood.

“Brother, leave us to this. Destroy the final remnants of creation!” Chronos said.

I teleported myself to my realm, leaving the monster and my siblings behind. They understood their responsibility, and I understood mine. I used my power and started to collapse what was left of creation. It was an exhausting task by myself, but I had to do this. My realm would rumble, as I used my power, with the lights in the distance slowly fading as time went on.

Noise and shattering had seemed endless, like there was no end, until silence filled the air. It was done, I had destroyed creation, not in a eternity would I thought I would ever had to do something like this, but I did it. The virus was dead, but so were all my siblings, abstract beings, immortal and powerful. Now only one of us remained, and somehow it shook me.

I had always been alone, and never ventured from the void too much, but with the death of my all of my siblings, a feeling I had never felt overcame me. I felt sadness and grief for the first time. I had no idea the death of my siblings could affect me that much, but now that the deed was done, and now I reaped the gravity of what I had just done.

I pulled myself together, and slowly walked towards the edge of my dimension. I was out of power, all the lights in my realm were gone, leaving me only darkness.

Approaching the edge of the void, I took out the piece of existence, and placed it floating on the edge. Creation once was just beyond this edge, and in time, it will appear once more. I walked away from the piece of creation to the center of my home. I closed my eyes once more, entering a deep slumber, until the day I would wake, and see my siblings once more.