Being a High School Student is Hard


Banu Ahmad '21, Staff Writer

High school can be exhausting, but do teachers understand how tough being a student really is? It can seem like students barely get any time to relax and stretch, and sitting in a desk listening to a lecture, or taking notes all day can be mentally draining.

Alexis Wiggins, a teacher for 15 years, decided to play the role of a student for two days back in 2014. Her findings are just important to today’s education. She followed two schedules, a sophomore’s, and a senior’s.  Wiggins said, “After the first day, I was drained, and not in a good, long, productive-day kind of way. No, it was that icky, lethargic tired feeling.” School can drag on and on for hours, and it can feel like forever. It’s not easy being a high school student, and this teacher stepping into students’ shoes is a step to making education better.

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