The Top Six Reasons To Love Spring


Toyam Khatri '14

Enjoy the backyard in the spring.

For many people, spring is like a brand new start. After this frigid winter, spring is a great time to commit to live healthier, spend more time outdoors, take vitamin D, and eat more fresh foods! Here are some great reasons to enjoy spring to its fullest.

1) Participate in outdoor exercises: What can be better than adding some outdoor activities to your daily routine? Spend a warm and sunny day with family and friends, or go running. The anticipation to get outdoors and run has most likely been building through the winter. Perhaps after a long and cold winter, getting back in shape won’t be as easy as you hoped. If you took a running break during the winter, don’t expect to be running at the same level as you did in the fall. Start your spring training with short, easy runs and then increase the difficulty of your practices day after day until you achieve a fitter, stronger, healthier body!

2) Get your vitamins, naturally: Spring means an extra hour due to the time changes. This gives you more hours to spend outdoors and get some much needed vitamin D from the sun. Did you know that Vitamin D is essential for bone health and providing protection against colds and depression? Just remember not to spend too much time under the rays of sun without applying some form of sun protection with SPF.

3) Do some spring cleaning: Spring is a great time for cleaning – getting rid of unnecessary things and making space for new fresh items. Organizing your closet is a great first step. You don’t need hundreds of winter sweaters and scarves. If you really want to make a change in your enviroment, paint your walls and redecorate using nature inspired accessories; it can really brighten the atmosphere! Put out a nice vase of flowers, tie back your curtains, and letting the sun shine through the windows!

4) Consume more nutrients: Forget about all those winter holiday chocolates and sweets you consumed! It’s almost spring! Wake up in the morning and start your day with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Chances are, you will find yourself wanting to eat less during the spring than you did in the winter!

5) Get creative with food: Don’t forget about fruit smoothies, savory tossed salads, fresh raw juices and tons of other great alternatives. You can really make your meal colorful and nutritious by using an array of green veggies, colorful fruit, and invigorating spices to incorporate the bright, light, and active spring theme into all aspects of your lifestyle.

6) Enjoy Spring Break: (Do we really need to say more? We will.) The best perk to spring is the week long break students receive as a reward for their hard work during the school year. This is the time to create memories! Spend time with your friends and loved ones; inspire yourself to grow and thrive along with all the plants and animals around you. Whether it is a vacation, or a sporadic get-together with friends and family, or even just a rest from school; Spring Break is a great time to better yourself and really embrace a new appreciation for the little things that make life so beautiful!