Sara and Devyn Give Tips on Living Your Best Life


Finding the courage to go after your dreams is incredibly difficult. This is why Sara and Devyn’s venture into the entertainment business is so motivating. The focus of their visit to Wakefield was to remind us that life is about discovering and reaching our full potential. It is 3rd quarter. These tips will help us survive what feels like the longest quarter of the year.

These empowering women’s stories show us that teens are capable of becoming anything.

Former Wakefield Warrior, Sara spoke about how she went from struggling during her senior year to pitching shows to MTV and working with entertainers, a field so many of us dream of being a part of. She began by speaking about the most difficult part of senior year: her mother’s stroke. Sara then had to take on the responsibility of caring for her mother, as a result her grades began to suffer dramatically, “I went from going to every class to missing multiple classes, not really caring about my education” she said. After she graduated, she attended NOVA, but she quickly learned it was not for her. She then moved to Florida. After graduating from Full Sail (with honors) she moved to Denver and began to work in real estate. Realizing that she had to take control of her own path, she moved out to Los Angeles with her parents, “I decided right then and there if I don’t move to LA or into a place where I can start building that foundation, that it’ll never happen.” Thus began the journey of fulfilling her dreams.

Sara shared lessons that take a lifetime to learn. While these tips may seem scary in the moment, she assured us that these lessons would help us in the unpredictable long-run.

  1. Learn to love every rejection because every rejection means you are one step closer to the word yes.
  2. Slow down, take the time to enjoy what’s happening right now, please enjoy your high school years.
  3. Finding your passion is important.
  4. There is always someone who needs what you have to offer so don’t hide yourself.
  5. Bad things happen to good people; this cannot be changed, but what can be changed is the attitude in which you face the trial at hand
  6. Fear is real, but so is courage and courage will win every time you give it the chance.
  7. Don’t sweat the small stuff, because little things don’t matter.
  8. You are not perfect, you will make mistakes.
  9. Celebrate the people you love and forgive them.
  10. Walk with a purpose because it makes people wonder what you’re up to.

Creator of super heroine ZaraDevyn Nicole joined Sara on stage. She also recalls having a tough time throughout high school. She was able to look back on when people would make fun of her stuttering. “It’s funny now, because people used to laugh at me in school and now I get paid to speak.”  During her time on stage she made sure to stress one thing: “you create your own reality.” The secret on where success begins: mindset. “The only thing different thing about a person who is extremely successful and isn’t, is mindset; a lot of times it has nothing to do with grades or where you come from.” She shared 5 more keys to help get you where you want to go.

  1. Find yourself. this is the only way to truly find your passions. You have to go out and experience different things to discover you true passions
  2. Desire and passion. Its not about what your parents want its about what you truly love doing.
  3. Believe. She strongly recommends speaking what you want. Act as though you already have what you are going after.
  4. Action. You can sit down and say you want all these things but as before mentioned, whatever you put into the world you will receive. If you don’t put in any work, the world will not give you any results
  5. Patience.The creation of her heroine has taken years, from writing the storyline to finding the right illustrator has taken years. Great things take time so be patient.

These empowering women’s stories show us that teens are capable of becoming anything. Sarah and Devyn were just struggling high school students 8 years ago, and look at them now. These motivational journeys should encourage us to follow our dreams. If they can do it, we can too!