Champions League Leg 2: Who Advances to Final 8?


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Edin Dzeko scoring the winning goal.

Ian Moran '19, Staff Writer

His heart beats out of his chest. One man with all the pressure to change the course of the match. He lines up for the penalty. He runs up, strikes it, and… Goal!!! The crowd goes wild and rushes the field. This is why we call it the beautiful game. Here is a recap of all the beautiful games in Leg 2.

PSG 1-2 Real Madrid

A very tense tie. Both teams are favorites for the competition but only one will emerge. The match starts off chaotic with both teams looking for counterattack opportunities. Verratti makes a dirty tackle in the 20th minute and gets booked for a yellow card. The first big chance comes for Madrid in the 38th. Benzema is sent through after a beatiful ball; he’s one on one but Areola makes himself big and makes arguably the best save of the game. Ronaldo almost makes it 1-0 in the 50th, but his header goes just wide of the post. He redeems himself 1 minute later as he hammers a header into the back of the net. Verratti gets a red in the 66th and they play on with 10 men. Cavani scores in the 71st and Casemiro wraps it up in the 80th. Real Madrid advance. MOTM Ronaldo.

Liverpool 0-0 Porto

Liverpool are almost guaranteed to go through after winning the first match 5-0. The game is quite boring with no goals by either side. Liverpool know they don’t need to score so they just control the match. MOTM Mane.

Tottenham 1-2 Juventus

Juventus currently have the advantage on away goals. All they need to do is tie the game and they advance. Tottenham seem to be dominating the Italians in the first half with many chances and they finally seal the deal in the 40th minute with a bit of a lucky goal by Heung Min Son. Tottenham have the lead! Juventus are a force to be reckoned and show that in the 64th and 67th with 2 consecutive goals on by Higuain with a beautiful flick and the other through Dybala who keeps calm and smashes it into the top of the net. All they need to do is hold on. Juventus shut down the match and come out victorious. MOTM Dybala.

Man City 1-2 FC Basel

Man City start off well scoring a well oiled team goal with Gabriel Jesus tapping it in at the end. The rest of the game isn’t so bright for City as they take one of the only losses of the season against a massive underdog. Elyounoussi scores for Basel in the 17th and Michael Lang finishes the job in the 80th. Even though they lost, it is irrelevant since City were up by 4 goals on aggregate going into the game. MOTM Elyounoussi.

Roma 1-0 Shakhtar Donetsk

Roma manage to clinch the victory with a goal through Edin Dzeko in the 52nd. Just enough to advance them to the next round. The game otherwise is quite uneventful and not much action is seen besides a red card in the 79th for Ivan Ordets. MOTM Edin Dzeko.

Manchester United 1-2 Sevilla

Manchester have been upset after some horrendous football. The first half is uneventful for both sides as none manage to score. Sevilla finally manage to smash 2 past united in a span of 4 minutes. Ben Yedder in the 74th and 78th. Lukaku pulls one back in the 81st but they can’t do enough to beat Sevilla. The whole stadium of United supporters are upset as this was supposed to be a guaranteed victory. MOTM Ben Yedder.

Besiktas 1-3 Bayern Munich

Bayern are up 5 goals in aggregate and it seems almost impossible that Besiktas will come back from this deficit. It only took 18 minutes for Bayern to get on the scoresheet. Muller whips in a beautiful ball to the back post straight onto the foot of Thiago who calmly taps it in, goalkeeper no chance. Bayern continue to dominate the ball until the half. Only 1 minute after half the next goal falls for Bayern. Rafinha crosses the ball into the box and it unluckily bounces of Besiktas defender, Gökhan Gönül and into the net. Own goal for Besiktas and the tie is basically over. Wagner Love manages to get a consolation goal in the 59th but Bayern just put salt in the wounds with another goal in the 84th by Sandro Wagner. MOTM Thiago.

Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

We all know Barca are favorites. They beat Chelsea 2-1 at home in the first leg and are expected to win this as well. Although Chelsea do well against the superior Barcelona, Messi is involved in all 3 goals and Chelsea have no chance. Lionel scores twice, once in the 3rd and another in the 63rd. He also assists Ousmane Dembele for goal number 2 in the 20th minute and what a strike it was, right into the top left.  

Real Madrid, Liverpool, Juventus, Man City Roma, Sevilla and Bayern move on to the quarter finals. Is your team still in? Who is gonna take it all? Find out on April 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th who will advance to the next stage. #WAKEFIELDWARRIORS.