What’s Going on in The World

Ezra Assafe '19, Editor in Chief

The last couple of weeks, politically, have been, well, weird. French President Emmanuel Macron visiting the U.S, Irans nuke problem and the UK-EU Galileo problem.

French State Visit (2 weeks ago)

The French President had a state visit to the US, coming to look at the sights and talk about the Iran Nuclear Deal. There was a beautiful parade showing the great relationship between the US and France.  During his visit, He and President Trump shared, rather odd moments. Odd hugs, handshakes and moments were really the highlights of the trip. See the funniest ones HERE.

Mr. Macron addressed the US Congress and received many standing ovations, including a three-minute standing ovation at the beginning. He talked about nationalism, Iran, and foreign policies in general, most political commentators agree it was aimed at President Trump.

Mr. Macron’s English was near perfect in the speech, yet when he went to Australia to meet with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull, he thanked him and his “delicious” wife for being good hosts to him. Clear translation error that left reporters in shock.

Iran (Right now)

President Trump has announced that The U.S. will pull out of the Iran Deal. In recent weeks Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the “he has proof” Iran wasn’t keeping their side of the deal.  “55,000 papers and 55,000 files on CD’s” is what Israel said they have found. All the other Nations in the article are standing by the deal. One of the main reasons given for leaving the deal is that “Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism.” Do you approve of the deal?

UK-EU Galileo (Ongoing)

Since Brexit, U.K.-E.U. relations have been iffy, and this proves it. The U.S. originally gave the E.U. access to their GPS system, yet the E.U. didn’t like how the U.S. had total control of it. So they made their own satellite called “Galileo”. When Brexit happened, The E.U. is now not allowing the U.K. access to it now, even though they spent £1.2bn.

U.K. Business Secretary Greg Clark said, “If Galileo no longer meets our security requirements and UK industry cannot compete on a fair basis, it is logical to look at alternatives.” The U.K. now has to make their own satellite and send it up, not really a cheap thing to do. Will U.K.-E.U. relations improve?

The World has gone through weird events recently it is too soon to tell which will impact us the most.