Last Male White Rhino is Gone and Forgotten

Kimberly Rendon '20, Opinions Editor

On March 20th, the last male White Rhino passed away. His passing has put the species on the verge of extinction with only two female White Rhinos left on the planet. On Twitter, it was one of the top trending topics for 2 days, but after that it was as if it never happened.

Although to some this may not seem like a big deal, the last time you even saw a Rhino was at the zoo in elementary school. It is part of the bigger picture. The bigger picture being that we are killing our planet. How we treat animals is how we treat each other and the world.

The picture above is a glimpse of the damage people are causing. Killing animals is one thing. A lot of us eat meat. Killing exotic animals for treasure and trophy is another thing. We are collapsing the ecosystem by removing too many of the key pieces.

The last male White Rhino may not be the piece that collapses it completely, but the next species to go extinct might. How long will that topic trend on Twitter?