5 Tips to Ditch the Snooze Button

5 Tips to Ditch the Snooze Button

Mohab Hussein '19, Staff Writer

Hitting the snooze button to gain some extra sleep is really tempting. However, hitting snoozes everyday interrupts your sleep cycle and results in you feeling tired throughout the day. Good news is that there are multiple ways to resist the never ending snooze.


The best trick in the box, leave your curtains or blinds open overnight so the sunlight starts creeping on you in the morning, this will help you get off the bed energized and ready.

2- Improve your sleep habits

Having a sleep schedule will train your body to have the same amount of sleep everyday, which will result in you waking up in the morning energetic and ready for the day!

3- Place your alarm clock out of your reach

Place it on the other side of the room. This simple trick will probably help you the most, as just getting out of bed and walking there would probably wake you up enough that you won’t go back to sleep.

4- Avoid Blue light

Many electronic devices produce blue light from their screens. Blue light usually energizes your brain and makes it harder for you to sleep, therefore, all screens should be turned off at least an hour before sleeping. Many phones have a Night Shift mode which helps a lot with this problem as you can have it turn on automatically everyday an hour before bed time.

5- Quit Caffeine

After 3pm, avoid coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate, or even some sodas as they have caffeine which will interfere with your ability to fall asleep and stay sleep.