Boys Varsity Soccer Talk about This Season


Alejandra Galdo Hernandez '20, Ian Moran '19

Boys Soccer is trying hard this year to make the team as competitive as possible. They are currently 1-6 in the season, but are working hard to improve.

Xamilan Munkhjargal and Daniel Habtom shared their thoughts on the season and what they want to improve going into the next few games.

One of their main goals this season is to create a cohesive team. “We need effort, cooperation, and hard work,” said Xamilan. They also hope to improve communication on the field and work together as a team. “We have a lot of potential on both the JV and Varsity team.”

Both Daniel and Xamilan love soccer and have been playing for a while. Daniel shared with us the personal connection he has to the sport, “my parents were fans, and so they wanted me to play soccer” said Daniel. Xamilan started playing, “because it’s the most played sport in the world!” Both showed their passion and love for the sport.

The Boys from the Varsity team gave us some advice to people starting out; “Don’t give up be patient,” Daniel said. “All sports require dedication and persistence; the amount of work you put in pays off. Go to conditioning, meet the coaches, work out with the players” Xamilan said. The hope for the season is still there and the boys will fight to do the best they can on the field.

You can watch them in action on April 17 against Falls Church here on the Wakefield field at 7:15pm.