Yet Another Amazing Group of Students of the Month


Thanks for the photo bomb, Ms. Kigin and Daniel.

Sophie Hott '20, Staff Writer

It’s finally time again for more Students of the Month. After rescheduling the photo shoot because of the snow days and Spring Break, the students were finally rewarded for their hard work last Thursday. SotM is an award chosen by the Wakefield staff to students who show that they can excel academically and personally. You can be chosen for anything from an A in a class, or how you treat your fellow students.

When the students were asked how it felt to become Student of the Month, they said:

Freshman Esmeralda Fenicia Mathews said, “I felt honored and I was surprised! In my head, I thought…. all of my hard work did pay off! Overall, this made me feel really happy & awesome.”

Freshman Maytheim Al-anpagi said, “I felt confident that I already achieved one of my many achievements I want to earn this year.”

Sophomore Samuel Boggs said, “I feel pretty good to be nominated as [SotM] but also surprised”

Junior Hannah Foley said, “I was very surprised to be nominated but it felt very good. It just shows that all the work I’m putting that I don’t think people are watching is really being seen.”

Congratulations to all the Students of the Month.

It’s the last quarter of the school year so keep up the good work and finish strong! If you are trying to be Student of the Month just remember to try your hardest in class, ask questions, stay after school, and be kind to your classmates.


Come to the next one! It is Tuesday, April 17th during Warriors’ Period in Town Hall.