Spamalot Opens Tonight!


The crew gets the castle ready for tonight.

Kailee Blalock '16, Entertainment Editor

Attention Wakefield students and staff, Wakefield’s new production is on its way! Come see Spamalot! Opening night is tonight! It is an original production written by Eric Idle, but our Wakefield actors are adding quite a “twist”.

One of the primary characters, Sir Galahad, is played by Sophomore Usman Ishaq. Although Usman has been in numerous plays, he is particularly excited about this one. Ishaq said, “Well, when a show comes a long everyone has their pre-show jitters… but I am used to preforming so I’m actually excited and I really feel like our cast is ready to perform.”

Ishaq and his fellow cast members put a lot of work in to this production. “I had to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail (original) a couple of times and I had to go through the character creation process; it took a while but once it was done, I felt very confident…I transferred here from Washington-Lee for the theater program; I do not regret it.”

There was a lot of background preparation needed for this particular production according to the Ewell sisters. Sophomore Mia and Senior Melanie both play Laker girls (as well as a few other parts). Mia Ewell said, “It takes a lot of practice to do a musical, it’s really hard to focus on the harmony and the dance moves at the same time.” Melanie Ewell said, “It took a while just to get a few steps down but we had a lady named Jennifer who is a professional dancer. She was actually on the national tour of Spamalot. She adapted choreography from the original show and put it in to our show which we all thought was really cool.”

The cast members insisted on throwing in a few tips for fellow students who are going to attend the play. Ishaq said, “Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with us, we are performing for you!” They all agreed that the audience needs to have an open mind because it’s really crazy and random.