Our Teacher of The Year: Mr. Calfee


NIlofar Tokhi

Mr. Calfee doing what he does best, teaching students.

Fabio Marte '16, Staff Writer

Not every teacher is cut from the same cloth; some force their students to listen, others listen to their students. Each year, one Wakefield teacher is selected as “Teacher of the Year”. This is a very honorable award that allows the teacher to become a beacon to all others. This year’s beacon is the brilliant science teacher, Mr. Jay Calfee.

The word “award” makes most think about something physical, Mr. Calfee says “I don’t really need a plaque or a trophy; it’s just going to collect dust in my house.” This represents the kind of person that Mr. Calfee is – selfless, no frills and down to earth.

One of the most memorable experiences for freshman in biology class is the rat dissection. Many students aren’t fans of cutting rats open and staring at their innards (neither am I), but the simultaneous gagging when the first incision is made, is priceless. One of the great and more surprising things you learn from the dissection is how similar a rat’s anatomy is to a humans. It really opens your eyes to other living things and our similarities.

Speaking of rodents, Mr. Calfee recalls one of the most hilarious moments in one of his previous classes. He says: “In the old building, a mouse ran across the floor; of course the girls were panicking and screaming, but the best part was seeing all these big football players up on the desks screaming like little girls [laughs]. Once you teach for so long, enough crazy things happen…you get used to it”

Clearly, Mr. Calfee makes a great impact on the student body, and he is one of the most loved teachers at Wakefield. Humbled by his award, he says: It’s very nice to be acknowledged by colleagues…it came as a pleasant surprise…it’s very flattering.”

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