All about Mark Zuckerberg: Can He Fix It?

Powerful men like Mark Zuckerberg need to be punished for breaking the law, ignoring the terms of service for one of the most influential social media platforms in the world. Calling him a lizard, making memes about him, and joking about deleting Facebook will not fix the problem, though.

If people think that this won’t happen again, they are beyond wrong. If anything, data violations will increase. Copycats see that he isn’t getting in real trouble, so they feel like they won’t either.

For all those that claim they are not at risk because they don’t use social media, you are far worse than wrong. If you have a cell phone, let’s just say you own a Nokia flip phone, you are still at risk! Even though you may not be connected to Google or social media on your low tech phone, this is irrelevant because everything, EVERYTHING is online! Even your phone company has your personal info. As long a you live in a technologically advanced country you are never 100% safe!

The Government has been pushing this violation of rights to the side like it is no big deal. We are angered and distraught by people taking advantage of us, but there isn’t anything actually being done about it. We are just sharing our outrage on social media…and the leaks are happening from…social media. It just keeps on going, and getting worse.

We are at the point where laws need to be made, and existing laws need to be changed. Just because people are rich, or have a lot of prestige, doesn’t mean that they can get away with whatever they want. Right now, the laws that are supposed to keep them in check are not working. Putting these perpetrators in jail, and offering bail, is nothing to them; they’re filthy rich.

Nothing is stopping these powerful people from doing what they want. The only thing that can stop them is upholding the law and making real consequences.

At the court hearing, little to no progress was made. The (very short) court hearing only gave accusers about 5 to 10 minutes to ask questions. Zuckerburg is so good at stalling and giving half an answer, that it wasn’t enough time.

Not to mention, we are only blaming half the culprits, Cambridge Analytica should also be held responsible and brought to court. They were the people actually taking the data. Theoretically, if we brought both of them to court we might have been able to hold them responsible for the damage they caused. 

We need to fix this fast, and holding Zuckerberg responsible is only a part of the solution. People spill their life into social media; we need to protect this data one way or another.