5 Handy Things to Hold in Your Clutch at Prom


When many people think about senior year, the first thing that comes to mind is prom. While you can try to prepare for the night in every way possible, there are some essentials you can’t forget to bring.

Here are the 5 essentials for prom:

Charger:  If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen! If you’re phone dies there will be no proof you were even there. In order to avoid that, bring your charger and document the memorable night. Consider investing in a portable charger that way you can post the memories AND charge your phone!

Deodorant: Being in close quarter with people and dancing all night can work up a sweat. Deodorant will keep you smelling somewhat fresh throughout the night. Don’t over do it though, that dance floor doesn’t need to reek of body odor and cologne.

Bobby pins or hair-ties: After styling with more products than you could imagine, your hair might not feel the best after a long night. Throw your hair up or pin it back after the dance to keep yourself comfortable.

Band-Aids: Shoes can make or break an outfit and keeping those bad boys on can be a challenge. With the fear of blisters, help calm some nerves by keeping band- aids in your bag for any surprise blisters throughout the night. Another option for after prom are fold up flats. Stash these in your bag for when you’ve become fed up with your shoes.

Gum: Keep your breath smelling fresh all night with gum. Pick a minty flavor to perk you up when you start to get tired from all the dancing.

These are some of the necessities that will help prom run as smoothly as possible. There are also last minute pre-packed options that contain anything you could need for the night. Bring these to prom and you will be guaranteed to have an amazing night. Enjoy prom, seniors!