TFIOS: A Review


Alyse Oliver '15

Grab a copy of the book before the movie comes out next month!

Alyse Oliver '15, Staff Writer

On June 6th, the emotional and life changing story The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is coming to life on the big screen for all to see.

Most enjoy this book because, among other things, it makes speaking about cancer…easier. Cancer patients are not defective. This book really helps put the feeling that cancer patients can have into perspective; “It goes into the touchy cancer subject that no one really wants to talk about” said Junior Haley Walter.

Before you see it, if you’ve never read it, here’s a summary: Hazel Lancaster has always been considered terminal, but due to her shrinking tumor, she is referred to as a medical miracle. Hazel’s mom is concerned that Hazel isn’t getting out enough and making friends, so she pushes her to attend a Cancer Kid Support Group in the “literal heart of Jesus.”

Hazel thinks this support group is a complete waste of time until a beautifully handsome plot twist named Augustus Waters shows up on behalf of his Osteosarcoma (cancerous bone tumor), to which he has lost his leg.

Naturally, Hazel attempts to distance herself from her dream guy in hopes of softening the blow he’ll feel if she someday, soon, unexpectedly, leaves this earth and vice versa. Augustus eventually ends up teaching Hazel that “some infinities are bigger than other infinities” when he shows her that being sick doesn’t define her; it’s not her story.

This beautiful love story will have you crying from beginning to end.