Dear Freshmen, You’ve Got This!


The Freshmen class get to know Wakefield at Freshmen Orientation before school starts.

Welcome back, Warriors! Hopefully everyone is getting used to the routine of a new school year. There seem to be so many freshmen joining the Wakefield community this year. It can be scary when starting a new school. Freshman year is important, so don’t take it for granted. Here are some tips and tricks to help.

Junior Bodhi Patil said, “Take a breath, stay organized, keep an open mindset and have a smile on your face!” Keeping binders, folders, and lockers organized will help you keep up with work. It will also help you stay calm. Avoid anxiety by putting stuff away when you get it, and not letting it become a messy pile or half-done work.

Senior Kenzah Khan said, “Don’t procrastinate, use your time wisely. Do well freshman year because it only gets harder.” Time management will be one of the most important things you learn throughout high school. For the most part, you are in charge of the grade you earn in your classes, so you need to learn how to prioritize what you need to do first. If you don’t know what the most assignment is to get done first, ask your teacher. They know what is the top priority. Balance homework and study time, and making sure you have enough time to complete a project. It’ll feel like a lot sometimes, but just remember to use Warriors’ period! You can really get a lot done in half an hour.

Junior Faith Achugamonu gave advice everyone should heed; “Get involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible. Keep and make friendships, they can lead to forming a family.” High school is the time to branch out. Joining clubs, trying out for the play, and playing sports will help you out of your comfort zone. The people you see around you now will be with you for the next four years of your life. Your class will probably become like another family to you. The ACTIVITIES FAIR is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH during ALL LUNCHES in TOWN HALL. Walk to all the tables and see what clubs we have at Wakefield. You will find one you want to join.

Senior Ruth Haileselassie said, “focus more on your high school experience. It’s one you will never forget. Give yourself room to make mistakes and learn who you are and what you stand for.” Your high school experience has just begun; it’s okay if you make a mistake here and there. It’s more than just a new chapter in your life, it’s basically a whole new book. Remember that you aren’t going through it alone, everyone else is going throughit, too.

Welcome Class of 2022! Wakefield wishes you the best for your first year of high school. You will meet new people, and make many new memories here! The next four years will fly by, so do everything you can to enjoy them.