New Additions to the Amazing Wakefield Staff!


Takier George '20, Staff Writer

As another school year is under way, we see new faces at Wakefield! This year, we have a total of 21 new teachers. Each one of them bring unique elements to Wakefield. We, as students, owe a big part of our success to our teachers. Without them there is no community.

The first teacher The Chieftain interviewed was Mr.Fitzgerald, or as he goes by Mr.Fitz, who teaches Art. When asked why he made the switch from Gunston to Wakefield, Mr. Fitz said, “change challenges you and it makes you adapt, and I figured it was time for a new challenge.” Many of his old students now attend Wakefield, and he is able to see them progress in their artwork. As the interview came to an end, Mr.Fitz was brought a plate of cookies by another Wakefield staff member. He is already a part of our community.

Mr. Jessup teaches Band. He was asked the same question about why he transferred to Wakefield from Gunston. He talked about Wakefield’s opening for a new band teacher and said that he remembered being “immediately interested in the opportunity to teach at Wakefield.”  The move to Wakefield was also a smooth transition for Mr. Jessup because he lives in the Wakefield area. He said, “it’s kinda exciting for my son and my two other children to think about the idea of maybe when they get to high school, they’ll be at the same school as their dad.” Wakefield likes the sound of that.

Ms.Hammer teaches math. She taught at Wakefield before, and now she’s back! Ms. Hammer is part-time, and she is also a professor at a university. She is teaching Algebra 1 and 2 this year. She said, “I knew Wakefield would be a good fit for me because of the location and the reputation that is has.” Like many other teachers, Ms. Hammer also said that she is looking forward to “seeing her students grow in their math abilities.”

Another new teacher is Ms. Bullard, who teaches Physical Education and Health. Ms. Bullard told The Chieftain that she taught middle school for 12 years prior to this. She said, “I really wanted to teach high school students and see the difference between middle school and high school, and so I picked Wakefield for that.” Ms. Bullard also said “the students do a really good job getting themselves on track, really doing what they need to do to be productive members of the classroom.” Nice job, Warriors!

Mr. Bruch (pronounced brooke…like a river.) has been working in Arlington Public Schools for five years. Before coming to Wakefield, he taught at Carlin Springs Elementary School. Mr. Bruch usually teaches science. He said, “there is a really big sense of school community…you can tell everyone really feels like they belong here.” When asked what he was looking forward to most this year, he said, “I’m looking forward to the whole thing!” Lastly, something Mr.Bruch wants Wakefield to know is that he likes cats!

Building relationships with your teachers and peers can be a good way to make the most out of the school year.

Warriors, please help The Chieftain invite these wonderful new teachers into the Wakefield community, and any new faces you see around the halls.

Have a great new school year, and remember Wakefields 5 R’s: Rigor, Relationships, Resilience, Responsibility, and Results. Welcome to all the new staff!