News Blasts: 11 Articles You Should Read

The Chieftain staff wanted to share some of the local news articles which caught their eye this week. Did you hear about the news stories below?

Dominique Tham ‘15

A 3-year-old North Dakota boy disappeared for 7 hours, and was later found under the protection of the family’s dog. It caught my eye because the dog followed the little boy and kept him warm for 7 hours. They were found together by the search party a mile away hiding out in tall grass. Read the details here.

Eman Eman ‘15

“6 Totally Terrifying New Thrill Rides Worth the Trip This Summer” is an interesting article just to know for the heck of it. This article caught my eye because I’m a big fan of fast things; I love when my adrenalin is high. These are probably the scariest rides I have seen or read about; they seem like they would really get my blood pumping.

Read the details here.

These two South Carolina siblings wanted to help people so they decided to donate to the American Heart Association’s annual Jump Rope for Heart. Even when they are homeless they still want to help someone. They tried to get people to donate about $200 or more a day. By the end of the day they raised up about $1000. This is a true piece about human kindness.

Read the details here.

 Mia Field ’15

Scientist have found the fossilized bones of a never-before-seen dinosaur called the Pinocchio rex. This article caught my eye; who doesn’t like dinosaurs? This new guy will be the next obsession of every 5-year-old boy all over the world.

Read the details here.

Cara Poythress ’15

A riveting story which caught my eye involves a waitress…   

Waitress Melissa Mainier received a tip that was much more than the generous 20%. Working at Peachtree Restaurant and Lounge in Harrisonburg, Pennsylvania, she met a regular customer by the name of Benjamin Olewine. After some small talk, she explained to him she had picked up the job to pay off her extensive student loans. After a couple of conversations, Olewine conveyed that he would love to help her. Mainier took him up on his offer. He then went on to pay for all of her school expenses. According to the article, Mainier says she is “going to continue to pay it forward for the rest of [her] life”.

Read the details here.

Roxi Kasgarli ‘14

A ferry carrying a population of mostly students and teachers from Danwon High School in South Korea did not make it to its final destination to Jeju. More than three hundred students and teachers are either dead or missing because the crew members directed the passengers to “stay in their cabins” while the ship was sinking, as well as other mechanical issues. Despite the tragedy of the losses, two bodies were found tied together by their life jacket cords. The two high school students were indicatively caring for each other, as the attempt of being tied together is symbolic of their love. The article, here, revealed an act of love that was tender and touching. It is a story that provokes a sense of profound emotion.

 William Pan ‘16

Many have been deciding whether or not to see The Amazing Spider Man sequel in theaters, or wait for it to be on Netflix. In the second movie, there are more villains and plot twisting events. Who doesn’t like a movie with a lot of villains and twists? It’s a two hour movie, starring with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey. A scene where Spider-man and Electro fight takes place in New York’s Times Square; it is a spectacular battle. Getting help from Pharrel Williams and Johnny Marr electrifies the characters in this sequel.

Go to the movie! It is an action packed adventure!

Read a positive review here.

Read a negative review here.

Midnight Blue ’14

About 40 veterans have died without getting treatment for their health problem. 1,400 to 1,600 veterans are on the “special waiting list” in Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care’s system to get faster treatment. However, it takes months to actually get an appointment and get treated. One veteran in particular, Thomas Breen, died in pain a month before getting an appointment. Are the people who served our country being taken care of like they should?

Read the details here.

Nilofar Tokhi ‘15

“Worlds fastest elevator: Like riding a train into the sky” This article from CNN caught my eye because who doesn’t want to know about the world’s FASTEST elevator? That sounds like an interesting fact to know about today’s high-advanced technology. Traveling 95 stories high into the sky, with a speed of 45 mph in just 43 seconds; Guangzhou, China has officially won the record. It’ll officially be open in 2016 for any riders anxiously waiting to take a lift.

Read the details here.

 Erika Zelaya ‘15

This was interesting because I didn’t know this could happen to an artist…

In the past years prosecutors have used rap lyrics taken from songs to charge and convict “gangster rappers”. These alleged “gangster rappers” rap about obscene and violent situations. Prosecutors use the lyrics as a confession from the rappers. However, more often, the lyrics are used to create a bad image of the defendant and to reveal motive and intent. They also claim that these violent lyrics can be used to suggest that these rappers are a threat. Many critics urge that rap lyrics should not be used in trials because it is unfair to those who write them. Lawyers claim that just because they wrote the lyrics don’t mean that they actually did it. The argument of whether they should be used or not continues, and many believe that instead of flooding social media websites and decoding rap lyrics, we should be focusing our energy on obtaining conventional evidence that is more convincing.

Read the details here.

 Olivia Ceccatto ‘16

A new planet!? What’s more interesting than a new edition to our solar system? Even further than Pluto, which is not actually a planet, is VP113. VP113 is the name so far for the new discovered planet. Astronomy is a really interesting subject and knowing information beyond this world I think is one of the most amazing things. If you want to read more about the dwarf planet discovered, read here.

 Madeline Brophy ‘14

Something many people lose sight of is the necessity of happiness. They’re too caught up in life – the standard, daily things that are important for a moment, but then pass. As a human race, we have started to do things for the wrong reasons – at the end of the day, having money and working all day is not going to make you feel successful. What makes you happy is what matters in the end, and how much you put into that. So take a second, stop and do something that you love to do, because there is always time for happiness.

Read the details here.